Cheap Flights: Secrets Of Finding It In the Philippines

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Have you ever dreamt of white sand beaches, snow-capped mountains, or bustling cityscapes, but airfare prices always seemed to be a barrier between you and your dream vacation? Well, fret no more, fellow Filipino adventurer! This article is your one-stop shop to unlock the secrets of finding cheap flights and finally taking that well-deserved trip.

Imagine this: you’re scrolling through social media, bombarded by breathtaking travel photos that ignite a spark of wanderlust within you. Your heart yearns to explore the world, but a quick peek at flight prices leaves you feeling defeated. Fear not, because within these digital pages lie the golden keys that will open the gateway to affordable air travel.

But before we delve into the nitty-gritty, let’s address the elephant in the room: managing expectations. Airports, especially those in international destinations, can be vastly different from what you’re accustomed to in the Philippines. Here’s a heads-up: some airports might be smaller and less extravagant, while others may be sprawling giants that require extensive walking or even shuttle rides between terminals. Embrace the adventure!

Top 10 Secrets to Scoring Cheap Flights in the Philippines

Now, let’s get down to business! Here are the top 10 secrets to scoring cheap flights in the Philippines:

1. Embrace Flexibility:

Be a nomad at heart! If you’re not tied to specific dates, consider traveling during the shoulder seasons (the periods between peak and off-seasons) or weekdays. Flights are typically cheaper on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays compared to weekends and holidays.

2. Become a Master of Incognito Mode:

Airlines and travel websites use cookies to track your searches, and sometimes, this can lead to price hikes. Open an incognito window or clear your browsing history before searching for flights.

3. Befriend Budget Airlines for Cheap Flights:

The Philippines boasts a vibrant budget airline scene. Airlines like Cebu Pacific, Philippines AirAsia, and Jetstar Pacific often offer incredibly affordable fares, especially for domestic flights. Remember, with budget airlines, baggage fees, and meals might be additional costs, so factor those in when comparing prices.

4. The Magic of Cheap Flights Price Alerts:

Subscribe to price alerts offered by various travel websites and apps. These tools will notify you whenever there’s a price fluctuation on your desired route, allowing you to snag a deal when the opportunity arises.

5. Multi-City Marvels:

Consider flying into a different airport than your final destination, especially for international travel. This might involve some additional legwork (like taking a bus, taxi, or train), but the savings can be substantial.

6. The Power of “Maybe Later”:

Many airlines offer “hold my fare” options, allowing you to reserve a specific price for a limited time (usually for a fee) while you make a decision. This is a great way to lock in a good price while you ponder your travel plans.

7. Miles High with Loyalty Programs:

Signing up for airline loyalty programs can be incredibly rewarding. Earn miles with every flight you take, and eventually, you can redeem them for free flights or upgrades.

8. Credit Card Perks:

Some credit cards offer travel rewards programs. Look for cards that accrue points or miles with specific airlines or travel websites, maximizing your earning potential for future trips.

9. The Social Media Savvy Traveler:

Follow airlines and travel websites on social media. They often announce flash sales and special promotions exclusively through these channels. Stay vigilant, and that dream vacation might just be a tweet away!

10. Embrace the “Nearby” Option for Cheap Flights:

Feeling adventurous? Utilize the “explore nearby” feature on some travel booking platforms. This allows you to discover destinations with potentially cheaper flights that might not have been on your initial radar.

The Road Less Traveled Invites Cheap Flights

Sometimes, the best deals are found by venturing off the beaten tourist track. Don’t be afraid to explore smaller airports within the Philippines, especially if your destination has multiple airports nearby. For example, instead of flying directly to Boracay, consider exploring alternative airports like Kalibo or Caticlan, which may offer cheaper fares.

Small regional airlines also cater to these less-traveled routes and often offer more competitive pricing compared to their larger counterparts. It’s a win-win situation: you potentially save money, and you get to discover hidden gems that most tourists might overlook!

The Early Bird Catches the… Cheaper Flights

You’ve probably heard the saying, “The early bird catches the worm.” Well, the same applies to air travel! As a general rule, it’s best to book domestic flights in the Philippines at least 30 days in advance and international flights around 2-3 months ahead of your travel dates.

The exception here is if there’s a surprise flash sale. In those cases, don’t hesitate to grab the deal while it’s hot!

Embracing the Art of Packing Light

Flying with only carry-on luggage can bring considerable cost savings, especially when flying with budget airlines. They generally have stricter baggage rules and charge hefty fees for checked luggage.

Challenge yourself – Can you pack everything for your vacation into a carry-on bag? If so, your wallet will thank you. You’ll not only save on luggage fees but also avoid the hassle of waiting at the baggage carousel upon arrival. Now that’s what I call a smooth start – and end – to your adventure!

The Myth of Last-Minute Cheap Flights Miracles

While spontaneous last-minute trips can be thrilling, don’t always rely on last-minute bookings to land the cheapest deals. Contrary to popular belief, airfare prices often rise closer to the departure date rather than drop. This is especially true during peak travel seasons.

Of course, there are exceptions: sometimes airlines run special promotions on unsold seats. However, it’s generally a better strategy to plan and book your trip in advance for the best chance at securing those cheap flights.

Travel as a Group

If possible, try to travel as a group. Some airlines offer group discounts or special packages for larger parties. Coordinate with your family and friends, and take advantage of these savings. After all, a good deal and amazing company – is there a better travel combination?

Now, Let’s Book for Cheap Flights!

Here are some reputable online platforms to find cheap flights in the Philippines:

  • Cebu Pacific Air – A pioneer in the Philippine budget airline scene, Cebu Pacific is known for its extensive domestic network and competitive fares.
  • Philippines AirAsia – Another major budget airline player, AirAsia offers a mix of domestic and international flights at attractive prices.
  • Jetstar Pacific – This Vietnamese low-cost carrier offers competitive fares for flights to and from Vietnam, a popular travel destination for Filipinos.
  • Skyscanner – This travel search engine allows you to compare prices across various airlines and travel websites, ensuring you find the best deal for your chosen route.
  • KAYAK – Similar to Skyscanner, this metasearch engine aggregates flight prices and availability from across the web. KAYAK also has some unique features, such as the “Explore” tool, which allows you to see potential destinations within your budget.

Let’s Wrap This Up!

The thrill of adventure doesn’t have to be weighed down by high airfare costs. By embracing these tips and strategies, you can transform yourself into a savvy traveler who scores the best deals for those dream vacations. The beauty of the Philippines lies in its diversity – from pristine beaches and lush rice terraces to vibrant cities and serene lakes. With affordable air travel now within your reach, unlock the countless wonders this beautiful archipelago has to offer.

Remember, finding cheap flights is a skill, and like any skill, it requires some practice. Be patient, do your research, and soon enough, you’ll unlock a whole new world of travel possibilities. Happy exploring!

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